Welcome to EcoFog

Disinfecting surfaces is essential to ensuring safety and helping to flatten the curve. Along with practicing social distancing, regular hand washing and sanitising, has been shown to limit the risk of infection. By using EcoFog fogger technology to disinfect your premises, you can reassure your employees and customers that you take their health and safety seriously.

Why Use EcoFog?

EcoFog disinfectant foggers have been endorsed by South African doctors who use them for everyday disinfection in their practices and operating rooms - and their homes.

How Does It Work?

EcoFog foggers use Cold Ultra Low Volume(ULV) technology to disperse disinfectants in the form of a mist.

The tiny droplets that make up the mist are given an electrostatic charge as they leave the EcoFog fogger.

The charged droplets are attracted to surfaces and form an even coating - even on awkwardly shaped objects and in hard-to-reach places.

With EcoFog foggers, large indoor spaces can be treated rapidly.

The mist settles extremely quickly, so the space can be used by people again just 10 minutes after the disinfectant has been applied.

Viral-Oxy | Hydrogen Peroxide

Titanium Catalyst Powder

EcoFog Virol-Oxy Disinfectant is a certified German product with a superior safety and efficiency profile. It is a multipurpose disinfectant for surfaces , equipment, walls, floors and more. Safe and environmentally friendly.

- 100% Environmentally Safe

- No ventilation or air extraction required during application

- Rapid Acting | 80 Times more effective on various micro organisms

- Safe to use on all materials, surfaces, electronic devices and office equipment

- Cost Effective

- Chemical Certificates and Reports available on request

Our Prices

100m² - R300
200m² - R400
300m² - R500
400m² - R650
500m² - R750
1000m² - R1500